#Kushions are "The Ladies that have something worth holding onto"

Video Vixens

Vixen Rivera courtesy of @JACKOATPHOTO

VixenRivera (1)

AGE: 20
SIGN: Cancer
HEIGHT: 5 feet
Bust: 34c
Waist: 25
Hips: 35


Likes/TURN ONS: I like warm weather and shopping

Dislikes/TURN OFFS: My biggest turnoff is underarm sweat

BRIEF Description: Chocolate petite sweet heart with a loveable personality

HOBBIES:Getting my hair and nails done

AMBITIONS: My goal is to be a top Dentist in NC

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO ACCOMPLISH IN THE MODELING INDUSTY: I would like to have my name known and to have photoprhaers lined up to shoot me




SEXIEST THING A MAN EVER SAID TO/DONE FOR YOU: I had a man buy me a suite with a jacuzzi, king size bed, asnd pull out couch. We hung out for awhile then he picked up my girls and let us have the suite to ourselves

WHAT CAN A MAN DO TO TURN ON: Be him self and have confidence with him

FAVORITE PAIR OF JEANS: Wet Seal light blue jeans with 2 cut out holes

FAVORITE PAIR OF SHOES: Jordan heels..original colors black red and white

FB: KahBria EyeCandy Shoffner

IG: Vixens_throne

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1) How did u get into modeling and what was your first experience like? I was in beauty school and a classmate had informed of a photographer who was interested in some free shooting and i figured it couldn’t hurt to try it out. I arrived and from jump the photographer made me feel comfortable with music and comp. food

2) Where are you from? NC

3) Funniest/craziest experience you’ve encountered as a model? I was shooting on location and in one of my areas was a construction site that we had snuck into as we were shooting the owner of the site returned but he continued to let me shoot thank god

4) Whos your favorite music artist and why? The Migos..omg i just like them because of their voices

5) What are your turn ons and turn offs in a man? A big turn on is height. I love 6 footers. Turn offs are simple cocky rude and boring

6) Favorite sex position and why? Shawty a rider..like to feel it all in me

7) What’s your idea of the perfect date? I would like to be picked up start my date with a movie have some dinner and end off with a night cap

8) Any other talents other them modeling? Is so, what are they? I am more than just beauty, talents that i have include doing math problems fast, dancing, and massage

9) How do you balance a personal life and have a modeling career? I have some of the greatest friends none of them model but they each help me in many ways from shopping to my hair..if you really enjoy something ang this goes for anything you will make a way to make time for it
10) Favorite attire and why? I like club dre4sses they are usually sexy and worn effortlessly

11)If you could change one thing about yourself ,what would it be? I love me the way i am but if anything i would make it so i had naturally long wavy hair

12) What do u think men would say your best feature is and why? My ass lol because i look thick to be short and petite

13)If you could give any advice to aspiring models what would it be? Know who you are before starting anything new and know what makes you uncomfortable vs comfortable

14) What’s your idea of the perfect guy? My perfect guy would cater to my needs and make sure im happy at all times but most importantly he would be well mannered and a person both of my parents agree on

VixenRivera (4)

What’s your Ethnicity? Black

Where are your from originally? NC born and raised

What do you like to do for fun? I simply enjoy getting my nails and hair done

What is your guilty pleasure? Sour Patch Kids

How long have your been modeling? 2 years

What made your become a model? Beauty ad the exposure

What do you plan to accomplished in the modeling industry? Having my name and face known with promotions and deals lined up for me

What’s is your best feature? My Breasts

Are you single or taken? SINGLE TIL GRADUATION

What turn’s you off? Rude people

What turn’s you on? Generosity..and equality..im a sweetheart i just ask you treat me like i treat you

What do guys compliment you on the most? My smile

What is the first thing you notice about a guy/girl? Between hair and eyes

What kind of partner do you like? A protector

What is your ideal first date? I would like to start it off with a movie fromthere eat dinner and to end my night witha nice night cap

Where can our readers find you online? Facebook and Instagram

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Christina Johnson – Model Fantasy

Check out the lovely Christina Johnson, we reached out to her about being featured on kushions via Model Mayhem and she sent back some great photos. Be sure to visit her on social media and let her know you found her on #kushions !!!

Height: 5′ 2″

Weight: 140 lbs

Bust: 36″

Waist: 25″

Hips: 43″

CJ-119CJ-146 CYMERA_20131201_211046 CJ-134 CSC_1500 CJ-126

Kira Da Model @KiraDaModel


A Big Time Thank You to Kira for working with Kushions !!!

We were able to setup our shoot via Model Mayhem. There were 3 looks shot(2 of which are featured here), as well as Behind The Scenes video, stay tuned to see more of Kira on Kushions

IMG_0063rt IMG_0019rt IMG_0071rt 136 IMG_0175a IMG_0170a

Lovely Amazin (Courtesy of @Curves_Ent) @Lovely_Amazin

Checkout a submission from Curves Ent

Of this great new model

Lovely Amazin

Be sure to follow her on twitter @lovely_amazin and instagram @lovely_amazin

and tell her you found her on #cushions !!!

LovelyAmazin (4) LovelyAmazin (1) LovelyAmazin (10) LovelyAmazin (9) LovelyAmazin (6) LovelyAmazin (5) LovelyAmazin (8)  LovelyAmazin (3)

LovelyAmazin (7)

LovelyAmazin (2)

KIMBERLY “Kim Starr” Williams

Courtesy of Versatile Management

Height 5’8″

Jean size: 7

Dress size: 6

Shirt size: 6

Weight: 135lbs

Shoe Size: 10

Bust: 32

Waist: 22

Hips: 34

Hair color: Blonde

Length: short/Long

Eye Color: Brown

Ethnicity: Jamaican – Irish -Scottish

Skin Complexion: Olive

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Kimberly Williams, a now brooklyn native decided She wanted to become a model right after high school. She modeled in her first video shoot provided by Versatile Inc. at the age of 17. Seeing her potential motivated her to continue her career and future endeavors in modeling. Besides modeling, Kimberly also design clothes, coach runway models or coordinate fashion show events.

Within the next 3-5 years, Kimberly wants to be a successful entrepreneur. She sees herself starting her very own fashion design brand in Europe as She starts to expand it in America.

Not only Is she a model but she’s a model that understands the passion behind a brand/company. She will give it her all because not only is she representing herself, but you as well

Kimberly1 Kimberly2 kimberly3

@CasseyChasem “Baseball is Back” Courtesy of @IconikImages

Model: Cassey Chasem
Twitter: @CasseyChasem
Instagram: @CasseyChasem

Photographer: Iconik Images
Twitter: @Ricky_Fontaine
Instagram: @IconikImages

  Cassey001 Cassey003 Cassey002 Cassey001 Cassey004

Sara Lee Saleh @SaraLeeSaleh ALL STAR WEEKEND courtesy of Iconik Images @iconikimages

Photographer: Iconik Images
Twitter: @Ricky_Fontaine
Instagram: @iconikimages

Model: Sara Lee Saleh
Twitter: @SaraLeeSaleh
Instagram: @SaraLeeSaleh

Sara Lee Saleh 1

 Sara Lee Saleh 3Sara Lee Saleh 2

Pinup Sneak Peek

Checkout Tru Models Own: K’La Barber and a sneak peek of her set of Pinup Style Photos
Makeup and Styling by Whip Appeal Cosmetics


K'La Barber Kushions Pinup Look

K’La Barber Kushions Pinup Look

K'La Barber Kushions Pinup

Welcome Back Mikal Blair @MzMikalBlair

The lovely Southern Belle Mikal Blair has blessed us with another batch of pictures, be sure to follow her on twitter and instagram and tell her that #Kushions sent ya her way !!!

@MzMikalBlair Twitter and Instagram

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Clanese Monae (@ClaneseMonae) Courtesy of Iconik Images (@Ricky_Fontaine)

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